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Green Reed supports individuals, teams, and organizations to be more effective and fulfilled so they can thrive.

“Farrah is a positive force in making it happen for our entire team and each person on our team. We are all better as a result of her engagement.”

- Fred Poses, CEO & Former CEO of American Standard Companies

what we do:

- Leader & team assessments

- Executive & career transition coaching

- Leadership development workshops & facilitation

 (including Radical Candor)

- Cultural & organizational assessments 

- Advisory & speaking engagements

who we do it with:

We work with high performing and hyper-growth organizations who are open and want to make effective sustainable change in the way they want to operate and drive results.


“I’ve referred Farrah to portfolio companies who raved about the impact she has had, and have been fortunate to see her present her approach to a larger crowd. I received positive feedback after positive feedback from founders about how Farrah’s approach resonated so clearly and how the practices she shared made a difference in their companies.”

- Holly Rose Faith

Talent Partner, Greylock Partners (formerly Talent Partner, NEA)

Let's connect.


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