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"The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”


Green Reed is a leadership development and executive coaching company specializing in supporting individuals and executives to feel more grounded and rooted in themselves while feeling the freedom to thrive.

leading keynote addresses and facilitating feedback workshops. Farrah works at all levels whether it be with individual teams or the C-suite and with companies of all sizes including companies in the Fortune 100. 


Farrah champions and invests in those she works with, empowering them to shift their mindsets as well as to obtain the practical frameworks and infrastructure for success. Farrah’s structured approach enables clarity and seamless decision-making by her clients. In particular, she brings clear frameworks to the harder-to-measure aspects of leadership so that the learnings are usable and practical. Farrah is described as being direct while being warm, supportive through challenging situations and transitions, and as very pragmatic and goals/results oriented. Her clients appreciate her business experience, structured approach, and vulnerability in sharing her own leadership stories and struggles. 

Farrah trained at the Coaches Training Institute and holds certifications in MBTI, EQ-i, and the Leadership Circle Profile. She is a graduate of Cornell University.


Farrah grew up in California and is currently living in Houston with her witty daughter and very sweet but mischievous son! She loves swimming and walking in nature (she’s honest about her hiking skills). 

Farrah Jessani Mitra

Leadership Development + Executive Coach

NSP-Farrah-Mitra (1).png

Farrah is passionate about all things business and people. She is a former Bain strategy consultant, turned People & Culture executive working as a senior leader at Medallia, and more recently as the VP of People at Alto Pharmacy. She is now an Executive Coach and founder of Green Reed and one of twelve Radical Candor coaches globally

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