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"We hired Farrah to help us improve the feedback process to our direct reports and also make sure that it remains a priority no matter how fast we grow and scale. We hired Farrah because she had been an operator before she was a coach, and understood the role of a customer delivery leader. With a full-day Radical Candor session, we were able to increase our team satisfaction scores on feedback by 50%. Farrah came well prepared and delivered a high-quality session. The key to this success was figuring out what small but repeatable steps we could take to improve the volume and quality of feedback. We'll definitely make this a recurring workshop as our team grows."

Vishal Rana, VP Customer Success, Segment

"Farrah helped our executive team discover how we could work more effectively together. She led a Myers Briggs workstyles session for our leadership team and I was immediately struck by how she was able to make our session feel like it was uniquely designed for us. She helped me better understand my own natural preferences as well as helped me better understand the context of how others on the team communicate ideas. She brought forth many real-life case examples to trigger rich discussion. This was one of the most powerful and impactful team sessions I've ever been a part of."


Melissa Miao,

VP Business Development, Alto Pharmacy

"Farrah’s facilitation of the Radical Candor training was one of the best I have experienced. Her experience was relevant and she spoke about stories with amazing vulnerability. Farrah empowered me with the tools necessary to deliver feedback at the right time with the right level of care. Radical Candor is a framework I now use daily in both my professional and personal life. I am, with certainty, a better manager after her training."

Josh Saunders,

Head of Customer Success,

"Farrah is a very talented coach. She is incredible at listening and asking the right questions to properly assess a situation. She probes with empathy and seeks to understand without judgment. And then she advises on how to handle challenging interpersonal dynamics, culture challenges, and difficult personal discussions. She is astute and articulate and has helped me navigate emotionally charged work situations with confidence and calmness. I've always appreciated being able to consult with her and learn from her practical and creative ideas to resolve specific issues."

VP Business Development, San Francisco

"Farrah is an incredible business coach. By establishing an authentic relationship she helps you to strengthen your self-awareness and access your best. I had a very positive experience participating in a 360 Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) assessment and retreat she facilitated for our organization’s leadership team. Getting that time together with my CEO and peers was so, so important. With Farrah’s guidance, we got to know each other better and were able to begin leveraging our diverse work and leadership styles to become a more aligned and collaborative leadership team."

Patricia Toledo,

VP - Workplaces Initiative,

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